Ship Meridianas

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Barkentine „Meridianas” appeared not quite in a traditional way. Construction of the ship led after Second World War in Europe situation. Former ally of Nazi Germany Finland by 1944 September 9th armistice terms had to pay 300 million dollars to the Soviet Union. Later it was subsequently provided with the contributions of non-cash recovery but production. Much of this production (66.2 million Dollar value) was set up 90 new wooden sailboats that had to be built before 1952 ending. The aim was to at least partially compensate for the loss of Soviet commercial fleet during the war (Arjava, 1999, p. 57).

It was a difficult task for Finnish shipbuilding industry. Although in the Bothnian Bay small port and inland lakes has been the wooden sailing ships and steamships building traditions, the required sailboats have been constructed at the time only in three companies which were acted (Arjava, 1999, p. 57).

War winners demanded 90 45 m long wooden sea sailboats with 225 hp engine power, which could take 300 tons of cargo.

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