Ship transport

Ship transport. Ships and watercraft. Bulk carriers. Container ships. Tankers. Refrigerated ships. Roll-on/roll-off. Ferries. Cruise ships. Ocean Liner. Cable layer. A tugboat. A dredger. A barge. A Multi-purpose ship. Lithuanian Shipping Company.

Lithuanian Shipping Company-one of the largest commercial fleet companies in Lithuania , The national shipping company, providing marine freight water transport. LSC was established in 2001. 27 June. LSC has 11 different types of dry cargo ships with a gross tonnage of 92,261 tons. The company ships carry bulk, general cargo, forest products, containers and others. The company belonging ships: „Skalva“, „Asta“, „Audrė“, „Akvilė“, „Daina“, „Alka“, „Romuva“, „Voruta“, „Deltuva“, „Raguva“, „Venta“.

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