Shopping and money

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Shopping and money.

Obviously, although shopping is a very tiring and time-consuming activity, it is a must and we cannot imagine our life without it. So now I am going to speak about it in detail.

To be honest, as for me, shopping is just a waste of time because I am not a keen shopper. It sometimes even makes me exhausted. I don’t make a shopping list too, though I don’t buy spontaneously. I have an imaginary shopping list and I always plan my shopping trip carefully. Of course, it is very beneficial as then you pay close attention to what you buy and it allows you to save up a bit.

It seems to me that traditional shopping won’t disappear in the future. As ordinary shopping helps to relieve stress and I would also say that it is an enjoyable activity to most people as they can get together with their friends and have some fun.

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  • Shopping and money
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