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Anglų rašinys. Shopping is an essential part of our lives. So what do the next thirty years hold in store for consumers as retailers evolve to keep up with our rising expectations.

It lifts our spirits and it‘s even considered a form of therapy. So how did the shopping era start?

Thirty years ago domestic life was very different from what we have today.

As the average income rose and products became more accessible, many new things and appliances have appeared in our homes. But shopping was changing too. When my parents were young most of the shopping was done in traditional, small local shops. Even when I was a child, which was only 15 years ago, I remember going to these shops where I couldn‘t touch anything because the lady behind the counter was in charge of every item. I also remember that price tags had to be put manually on every item in the store and then manually entered into the cash register, because items didn’t have bar codes.

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