Shops and shopping

Present by. Shops and shopping. Some types of shops. Chemist’s Baker’s Florist’s Jeweller’s Clothes shop. Chemist’s. It’s a shop where you can buy medicines. Baker’s. It’s a shop that sells breads, rolls, pies, biscuits or cookies. Florist’s. It’s a shop. Jeweller’s. The ways of paying . Online Cheque Cash Credit card. The most expensive shops . Chanel is a. Louis Vuitton is trademark. In Louis Vuitton shops you can buy very expensive shoes. H&m. H&M is a trademark. In H&M shops you can buy inexpensive clothes. Shops that we like. The most we like clothes, shoes and accessories shops. Thanks for your attention! 2015-03. Sources.

It’s a shop where you can buy medicines, beauty products. For example: aspirin, vitamin C, cough syrup, painkillers, hand cream, toothpaste.

It’s a shop where you can buy flowers. For example: roses, tulips, You can buy bouquet of flowers.

It’s a shop where you can buy jewelry. For examle: earings, necklace, bracelets, rings.

It’s a shop where you can buy sweaters, jeans, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, coats, trousers, pants.

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