Should people spend money on space exploration?

Anglų esė. Should people spend money on space exploration?

Big countries provide lot of budget on space exploration. This is good thing, because many peoples believe that exploring space and developing science are good investment to future, however other are saying that those money can be used better. That’s why we will try to explain pros and cons about it.

By supporting Space Exploration with money, countries all around the world can show best technologies and equipment to other non space countries. Using this technology they are trying to reveal secrets of universe, because only thing that humans want is to know. Curiosity is main thing to expand space exploration. Everyone wants to know, what is earth, how it was created, where people came from. All these questions are answered because of Space Exploration.

But that’s not only thing. All this equipment and answers helps to predict many things. From mere meteor shower, to big asteroid going to earth. Exploring other planets help to understand our own planet. By comparing similarity of two planets, we will be able to know about live in other atmospheres and climates.

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  • Should people spend money on space exploration?
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