Sight seeing in Lithuania

Lithuania is a beautiful country. Travelling there, no doubt would broaden your mind. It is located in the Eastern Europe and crosses boarders with Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus. The capital of the country is Vilnius, which is the biggest city in the country. And the climate is relatively mild and marine, which means hot or cooler summers, mild or freezing winters and rainy autumns. In Lithuania there are so many things to do and to see. Firstly, you should visit “Vilnius Old Town”. It is included into UNESCO World heritage list. And is one of the most interesting old towns in Northern Europe. You can see a unique mix of architecture styles, such as gothic, baroque, neoclassical and many others. This place definitely is the soul and the heart of the country and is among the first to visit when being in Lithuania!
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  • Sight seeing in Lithuania
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