Širdies smūgis (heart attack)

Heart attack. Presentation plan. Vocabulary. What is heart attack? Warning signs of a heart attack. Silent heart attack. Causes of a heart attack. First aid. Do not! Prevention. Conclusion. Questions.

Kamilė Dambrauskaitė I year, 2 groupFaculty of Public Health 2015.

Introduction: Main vocabulary Main body: What is a heart attack? Symptoms Silent heart attack Causes of heart attack First aid Prevention Conclusion.

Risk group - people with diabetes and over the age of 75 No pain at all More common among women Progressive pericardium damage.

AGE Blood cholesterol levels DIABETES Nutrition Genes Hypertension Obesity Physical inactivity Smoking Stress.

Call an ambulance Sit down, rest Try to keep calm Loosen tight clothing Chew and swallow an aspirin Take nitroglycerin (if prescribed) If somebody is unconscious, begin CPR For an infant or child - 1 minute of CPR, then call an ambulance.

Do not smoke Keep blood pressure, blood cholestrol level and diabetes under control Lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight Get plenty of exercise and sleep Eat a balanced, healthy diet Limit the amount of alcohol Avoid stress and manage it.

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