Skaidrės apie krepšinį Basketball

Content. Introduction. What is basketball? Short history about basketball. Basketball home country „Lithuania“. Rules. Fouls. Basketball position attack. Basketball courts scheme. Basketball board scheme. Thank you for your attention!

1922 in Kaunas. 23 April. Kaunas between teams and team LFLS. In the same year the women's team participated in the first national championship. Men's team played in the national championship in 1924. 1939. Kaunas was built sports hall (specially adapted for basketball gym). Lithuania now has 400 full-time coaches, basketball competitions in the republic 260 judges and judges, including 5 international category, and 3 FIBA Commissioners. About 100,000 Lithuanian residents playing basketball for fun. Lithuanian basketball represented in many of the world and European championships - cadets, juniors, adults as well as the Olympic Games. During the short history of Lithuanian basketball players of our country (men) three times became the winners of the Olympic Games (2000, 1996 and 1992, they won the third place and received a bronze medal). Three times Lithuanian players became European champions (1937. Riga. In 1939 and 2003, in Kaunas. Stockholm), became the vice-champion twice (in 1995. Athens, 2013. Ljubljana), and once won a bronze medal (in 2007. Spain) . Won bronze medals at the XVI World Men's Basketball Championship (in 2010. Turkey).

Team: coach, assistant coach, a doctor, masseur, players. Game the team consists of 12 players registered in the minutes. The square at the same time playing a team of 5 players each.

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