Skaidrės apie Lietuvą Lithuanian seeing

Skaidrės apie Lietuvą. Lithuania sightseeing. Gediminas Castle. The old castle stands here, it’s historical museum. Trakai Castle. There was Kęstutis’ and Vytautas’ Castle. Puntukas stone. The biggest stone in Lithuania lies here. Crosses mountain. There are thousands of crosses on the hill. Kernave mounds. It was the one center of Lithuanian state formation. Grūtas Park. It is a sculpture garden of Soviet-era statues. Stones Museum. In this museum we can see a variety of stones. Stelmuže oak. Amber Museum. Here you can find the most interesting amber. Dunes of Nida. The impressive dunes are near Nida. The dunes are a French prisoner cemetery.
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  • Skaidrės apie Lietuvą Lithuanian seeing
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