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Introduction. Joe‘s Arlauckas biography. Joseph‘s college/NBA career. Joe‘s career history. His career highlights and awards. Brandon Richard Flowers biography. Brandon Flowers family. Career. Awards and accolades. In 2013, Flowers was featured in an article for the men's magazine Man of the World. This is Brandon and his family. Finally, We’d like to end by thanking you for coming today.

By Vilte Burneikaite and Erika Kolontaj Senvages gymnasium Lithuania,Vilnius.

In today‘s presentation we‘d like to cover three points: Firstly, we going to represent Joe Arlauckas and Brandon Flowers Secondly, we going to speak about their biography Finally, Joe and Brandon contribution in the world‘s culture.

Joseph John ‚Joe‘ Arlauckas is born 1965 July 20 in New York, Rochester He is profesional American basketball power forward He learned in Thomas Jefferson High school in Rochester, studied in Niagara college (1983-1987) Height 206 cm weight 104 kg.

Italian Cup Champion (1988) Copa del Rey Champion (1993) Copa del Rey MVP (1993) Spanish League Champion (1994) Euroleague Champion (1995) Euroleague Top Scorer (1996) EuroCup Champion (1997).

His father is Scottish American, mother is Lithuanian American. Brandon is youngest of six children His grandmother hailed from Lithuania.

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