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Rasinelis apie velykas angliskai. Anglu kalba rasinys apie velykas. Angliški aprasymai apie velykas. Laiskas draugui apie velykas angliskai. Rasinys apie velykas anglu kalba. Apie velykas angliskai. Velyku skaidres angliskai.

Easter. What is easter? Passover or easter. Christian holiday, adapted to the old faith, celebration, symbolizing christ's resurrection. Easter is the most important christian festival. Easter liturgy. The celebration of easter begins with holy thursday and continues throughout the easter period before ascension day holiday. Egg. From pagan times symbolized the emergence of life. Eggs printing. Since ancient times it was believed that he has magical powers. Lithuania found printed egg. Easter is celebrated in the family home. Celebrating easter with the family always.
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