Skin problems

Šiauliai State College Health Care Faculty rehabilitation Department. Introduction. Skin diseases. I. Acne. How to prevent Acne?. II. Rosacea. How to prevent Rosacea?. Iii.impetigo. Iii. impetigo. How to prevent Impetigo?. IV. Melasma. V. Psoriasis. How to prevent Psoriasis?. VI. 5 steps of healthy glowing skin. Vii. findings. VIII. Bibliography.

Skin Diseases 1st independent work of English.

Raminta Kneižytė 1st rate students of Cosmetology programme.

The purpose of work: to introduce people with skin diseases, also to show how to take care of the skin and how to prevent it from various conditions.

Keep your face clean; Moisturize; Use make-up sparingly; Stay out of the sun; Avoid the products which can block the pores; Eat healthy; Exercise daily.

Use moisturizing lotions; Avoid dry, cold weather; Reduce alcohol intake; Use a humidifier; Take care of your skin and scalp;.

VI. 5 steps of healthy glowing skin:.

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