Skirtumas tarp Lietuvos ir Jungtinės Karalystės

The Difference. Food in Daily Life. Basic Economy. Lithuania and UK difference.

Lithuania and UK are both very unique. There are a lot of differences between them. Including religion, people, nature, and just simply surroundings between these two are completely different.

Today mostly I am going to compare people of these two countries. Simply by talking how they live.

But to start I would like to tell couple of interesting facts between them.

For example In Lithuania you are more likely to spend 76.44% less money on health care,

Use 42% less electricity and by 50% less likely to have HIV or AIDS.

So these facts state that there are lots and lots of comparing to do but today let’s stick with people.

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  • Skirtumas tarp Lietuvos ir Jungtinės Karalystės
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