Anglų referatas. Introduction. Methodology. Literature review. Results. Conclusion. References.

The results of the inquiry are amazingly interesting due to a high wide of opinions. On the one hand in some of the charts we can appreciate the cons of this kind of construction. For example in the 7th chart most of the students express their concern about skyscrapers safety; the 9th chart reflects the negative effects that skyscrapers can cause to the environment; in the 11th chart students bear on mind the possibility of a terrorist attack.

Notwithstanding on the other hand we can see that although all these negative aspects most of students would consider skyscrapers as perspective buildings. First of all we can appreciate it in the 3rd chart where most of the people are certain that living in a skyscrapers would be a good experience. In the 6th chart students understand the usefulness of this kind of buildings. It is and interesting paradox that at the same time students are afraid of the danger of this constructions, and that they would want to live in them.

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