Slavery in America

Slavery in america. Journey to the past. Content. Slavery Slave Patrols. Slavery. The patrol statutes required all white males to participate in slave patrol duty. Treatment. Slaves were punished by whipping. Slave Codes. First offense. Civil War. The election of Abraham. Interesting facts. Ancient Greeks and Romans often bought slaves with salt. Slave Market. Cotton Picking. Movies about slavery. VIDEO. Modern day slavery. Human trafficking. The End. Made by. Greta Vilčinskaitė 3c.

Slavery Slave Patrols Slave treatment Slave codes Civil War Interesting facts Movies about slavery Video.

FIRST OFFENSE: publicly whipped (slave who evaded capture for 10 days) SECOND OFFENSE: branded with a letter "R" on the right cheek (found with stolen goods or weapons) THIRD OFFENSE: lose one ear (if absent for thirty days or from attacking a white person, even in self-defense) FOURTH OFFENSE: castration or death penalty (A runaway slave, refusing to surrender, could be killed without penalty).

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