Small talk

Agenda. What is it? Places to have a small talk. In the club. In the parks. Degustations. In the meetings of volunteers. The best and worst topics to talk with not acquainted people. Conclusions. List of references.

Definition of small talk ; Generally places to have a small talk ; The best and worst topics to talk with people ; An example of small talk ; Conclusions ; List of references ;.

Small talk – is short situation, conversation with people who you don’t know, but want to talk and know something what can help to communicate hereafter. It is polite, laconic and not detailed dialogue.

On the internet – it is place, where people usually write messages to people who they don’t know, but they like their photos or just want to communicate. It is the best place for shy people, because other people don’t see you, so you can write all your minds or questions.

Young people like to visit night clubs and there they find new friends. Some people go there in order to find boyfriend or girlfriend, other people go to have a fun time with interesting and young people. Small talks there are very short, because the music and noise don’t let to talk.

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