Social life

Social life rašinys. Social problems rasinys. Social live rasiniai.

English topic about social life.

There are many global problems now affecting the world. Many people don’t have necessary medicine, children in many third world countries don’t get food and water, terrorism is getting more and more popular. Ruling classes speak about that but almost no one sees the cause. During the past centuries and even thousands of years people created machines, factories and democracy. They were speaking about tolerance and tried to feel one’s part but the more civilized we became the less human we are. People search for reasons everywhere but the only reason is inside of us. It’s egoism. I don’t blame anyone. Egoism is a characteristic we all bring with ourselves when we come into being and it is terribly difficult to change it but it’s possible. The proof of possibility is that people know and understand that there are problems we must solve.

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