Social networking sites overview presentation

Social networking sites overview. What is social networking site? List of the main social networking websites. Facebook. Advantages. Disadvantages. Google+. Advantages. Disadvantages. Twitter. Advantages. Disadvantages. Instagram. Advantages. Disadvantages. Tumbrl. Advantages. Disadvantages.

Mobile version has to be fixed (many functions can‘t be used in mobile app) Google+ don‘t have one main function – private message. You just can‘t send a simple message Not so many people takes a step to go to Google+ from Facebook.

Type: Public Founded: 2006, March 21 Founder: Jack Dorsey Website: Users: 645,750,000.

Type: Public Founded: 2010, October 6 Founder: Kevin Systrom Website: Users: 300,000,000.

Can share information with friends/family in original way. High Visibility of Posts Connect With a Targeted Audience It’s fun!

Type: Subsidiary Founded: 2007, February 15 Founder: David Karp Website: Users: 226,950,000.

Yahoo Acquisition (When Yahoo bought Tumblr in 2013, news agencies speculated that the acquisition could negatively affect the culture that Tumblr managed to create among users) Tumblr is mostly used for sharing images and video It is not so popular like Facebook or Twitter It is difficult to facilitate conversation (where is ,,ask“ button).

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  • Social networking sites overview presentation
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