Social networks privacy is no longer a social norm

Social networking rasinys. Social netwok rašinys.

As technology changes and evolves the security and privacy problems seem to grow very fast, especially with the increasing number of social networks. Social networking has become almost a daily routine for many of us and many people already do not imagine their lives without myspace, facebook, twitter or other networks that allow them to create online profiles and share personal information such email address, phone number, pictures, music, ideas and believes with large numbers of friends and even unknown people. It is said that networking became as common as the use of electricity or water supply nowadays. The volume and accessibility of personal information available on social networking websites is attracting many people who seek to exploit this information. Have users of social networks ever considered their data transmission to the third parties? Probably majority of users who search for new job position heard about social profile management and the possibility to change profile settings to the most secure or even tried to create two different profiles for personal environment (keep in touch with family and friends) and professional community (network with colleagues).

There are quite a few risks in social networking sites connected to the security of private or personal information. First of all, the information that users are sharing with their friends can be easily accessible by authorities, press, or just anyone who is interested, for instance it is well known that employers are using social networking sites to perform the background check for the employees. There are quite a few cases when employees were fired due to activities on social networking websites that did not confirm with company’s values, policies or even revealed confidential information. There are quite a lot cases of identity thefts in social networks. About a year ago, Italian football star Alessandro Del Piero suffered from such situation, his fake profile was made on Facebook with slogan “Nazis is much better than Zionisis”, posts on this fake profile endangered football stars reputation, he was even considering starting legal actions against Facebook. Other threats of such websites include bullying, corruption of personal information, damage of the reputation and etc.

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  • Social networks privacy is no longer a social norm
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