Social policy and problem of ageing in the EU

Introduction. The concept of social policy, principles and objectives of eu. Social protection regulation in the European Union. Superannuation. Disability Benefits. Accidents at work and occupational disease benefit. Ageing in Europe. Ageing problems in Europe. Main Impacts of an Ageing Population. Conclusion. Bibliography.

Each state of the system is based on the functioning of society, i.e, some people living in the territory. In an effort to achieve its political, economic, demographic, cultural, or other targets can not distance themselves from society and ignore the needs of its people. In order to ensure any country and its citizens' well-being, its imposible to not faced with social problems. To solve these problems the state has to find ways to be best suited to the situation and to provide effective measures to eliminate the problems. At the end, the state social policy is formed.

Social policy can not be called independent because it determinant of national income depends on society's economic performance. On the other hand, social policy implementation has a retroactive effect on the economy and other spheres of public life development.

The concept of social policy has many meanings, which are different in different EU member states. European Commission treats this concept as all politicians in the field of social diversity, which also includes the labor market.

European Union social policy is based on universal values - democracy and individual rights, freedom of collective bargaining, equal opportunities, and to the social security and solidarity.

Social protection, which guarantees income to societal risk (illness, old age, disability, death, unemployment)

Investing in people - equal rights to education of the young generation (which is the aspect of economic development, which is highly dependent on public policy)

Social peace - is a stabilization of public life, to the objective of co-operation, tolerance between people. Social peace is growing along with the well-being and political stability

Family life - the emphasis on family life, the warm human relationships which foster a sense of security in the family formation. Education of new generations.

The European Union in order to ensure the free movement of persons is coordination of social security systems. In order to remove obstacles to the mobility of persons within the EU. EU Regulations provisions ensure that migrant people everywhere will be insure and they will not have to pay double social security contributions. Since a person can only be applied to one of its social security legislation, i.e social insurance for one person may be prohibited only in one state.

Grandfathering principle (export of social benefits). This means that the acquisition of a right to a cash benefit in one Member State, it may not be subject to any reduction, modification, suspension, termination or cancellation of the mere fact that a person or his family moved to another Member State.

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