Soldier karininkas anglų skaidrės

Anglų skaidrės. Soldier. Designed by. Soldier - One who serves in an army/military troops. Soldiers usually works outdoors, but they can work indors, in inspection points, in barracks. Working place. Soldier works from. Working hours. Soldier uniform usually. Uniform. If you want. Character features. Education. If you join the military you can climb the career stairs. Career prospects. Soldiers salary is about 2000 litas/month. Salary. Want to be a soldier because I like this profession. Conclusion.

Soldier works from 8 am to 17 pm(if there is no keeping awake in inspection points, or there is no miitary practise).

Soldier uniform usually is camouflage. Lithuanian soldier wears: Outdoors uniform cap, camo jacjet, camo breeches, and military boots.

If you want to be a soldier, you nedd to be mentally ready for the military. You need to be ‘Cold-blooded, .

If you want to be a soldier you dont need special education for it but if you want to get military degree with no hard work you need to graduate LKA (Lietuvos karo akademija).

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