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Contents. Company history Founder Akio. Company history. 1946- Tokyo. Founder Akio Morita. Akio Morita was a businessman best known as the co-founder of  Sony. Mission. Sony is commited to developing a wide range of innovative products and multimedia services. Sony’s vision is. Vision. Products. Electronics 2. Sony Computer Entertainment. Swot analysis. Employees number and statistics. The total number. Interesting facts. AIBO- Artificial Intelligence. The name Sony is based on the Latin word sonus. Conclusion. Although other electronics firms are taking market shares and profits. Thank you for your atention.

Company history Founder: Akio Marita Mission Vision Products SWOT analysis Sony competitors Employees number and statistics Interesting facts.

Sony’s vision is to become a broadband entertainment company and create exciting new digital entertainment experience.

1. Electronics: 2. Sony Computer Entertainment: 3. Sony Music Entertainment: 4. Sony Pictures Entertainment 5. Sony Life Insurance 6. Other:.

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