Spalvų terapija Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy. (Color therapy). What is a color? What is color therapy? Colours and related Chakras. Colours and their effects on human. Red color. Green color. Blue color. Orange color. Yellow color. Voilet color. Videos. References.

By: Edmundas Pūras Ieva Senavaitytė Indrė Minsevičiūtė Lukas Parulis.

The seventh chakra. Located in crown of the head. Systems: Pituitary gland, the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex.

The sixth chakra. Located in the forehead. Systems: Eye, pineal glands.

The fifth chakra. Located in the throat. Systems: Throat, ears, mouth, hands.

The fourth chakra. Located in the hearth. Systems: Heart, lungs, thymus.

The second chakra. Located in the Lower abdomen, genitals. Systems: Urinary tract, circulation, reproduction.

© Properties: Stimulates And Excites The Nerves Activates The Circulation Of The Body Red Acts As Counter Irritant © Disease Treated With Red Color: Anemia Bronchitis Paralysis Physical Disability.

© Properties: It give the cooling , smoothening and calming effect Acts on sympathetic nerves system It is emotional stabilizer and pituitary stimulator It is sedative, muscle and tissue buildup. © Treatment: Asthma Digestive disorder Heart condition (cardiac problem).

© Properties: Promotes the growth Good for sleep Increases metabolism and build vitality Reduces the nerve excitement © Treatment: Insomnia Chickenpox Colora.

© Properties: Stimulate the milk production after child birth Maintain BP Maintain Calcium metabolism of body Strengthen the lungs © Indication: Hyper and hypo thyroids Gout (metabolic disorder) Diabetics mellitus.

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