Speakig about Erasmus

Speakig about Erasmus.

Today I will be talking about European Union student exchange programme, the Erasmus programme, or now better known as Erasmus plus. You are probably thinking, why she is talking about it? I chose to talk about Erasmus, because it could be very important for all of us (the teacher too). Erasmus program’s main aim is to globalise European education, or in other words they want to help students improve in their lives and rise knowledge in Europe (also youth gets a lot of unforgettable experience).

First of all, there are currently more than 4 thousand higher institutions participating in Erasmus across 37 countries involved in the Erasmus programme, and about 3 million students had taken their part since the programme has started. 2015 in Lithuania 42 high schools, also Kaunas Technology, Klaipėda, Vytautas Great and Vilnius universities present their applications, which said that these schools want to participate in Erasmus programme. Our government appoint 8 million European funds to implement this programme in Lithuania.

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