Speaking exam phrases

My topic is going to be about. I'm going to speak about. There can be no doubt that. It is a fact that. Nobody will deny that. Everyone knows that. I'm going to give a talk. An extremely important part. Am going to give a speech. As well as. According to the article I read ,. I've read an interesting article about. What's more. Another interesting fact is. Moreover. Furthermore. In addition to that. The next fact is at least as important or even more important. All given information is very serious and important. Believe , that almost everyone would agree with what was written. Kai norime pabrėžti straipsnio svarbą ir naudą. In front of me , there is a chart bar chart about. the data is given in percentage. Here is a chart , which illustrates. Judging from the chart. What I see is. The first thing I'd like to point out is. To sum up. To conclude. Putting all things into account. All in all.

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  • Speaking exam phrases
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