Some people like sport, some hate it. Which side are you on? In what ways is sport important to people? Who is you favourite sportsman/woman? Why? “sport-health” say many people. Why? Because sport is youth, energy and health. People who are fond of sport are always strong, bouncy and lively. However, not all people are fond of sport so that’s why they are always mean, sleepy, nerverless and nervous. Firstly, I’m in that side of people who are fond of sports.Why?Because I like sport.I like to radiate energy and be lively.My favourite sport is cycling.It is very good free-time spending.At the summer two my friends and I were going to my country.The way was long, almost 40 kilometres.We leave our homes at 4 p.m. in the morning.The trip was very exciting. We were cycling almost five hours.The first thing we did when we were at the country was swimming.It was the best refresh after so long and hard trip.I’ll never forget that day.
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