Spring cleaning

Anglu kalbejimas spring cleaning campaign. Spring cleaning campaign iskaita. Monologas kodel jaunam zmogui svarbu pazintinti tautos praeiti. Spring cleaning campaign monologue.

The topic of my talk is spring cleaning campaign. I will devise my talk into four parts. First of all, I would like to tell you about if I ever taken part in a similar anti-litter campaign and if not would I like to. Secondly I will tell you about what are the initiatives taken by your school aimed at cleaning your local area. Next I will speak about what could be done to reduce pollution of parks beaches and other public places and finally I will make some conclusions. In my city every spring people take part in cleaning parks and all public places around the town. I take part in that cleaning campaign every year because after winter parks and other public places are in very bad condition so I take part in cleaning those places every single year.
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  • Spring cleaning
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