Stasys Povilaitis

Stasys Povilaitis. Slides prepared Dominyka Jakovleva IIIc. Klaipėda. Biography. Stasys Povilaitis born. Stasys attended violin. Facts. Family. Stasys Povilaitis told. „Singing Stasys Povilaitis“ („Dainuoja Stasys Povailaitis“. Stasys created a lot of solo albums. Palm stamp in nida. Stasys said. Open your mouth when you „Sing“ very difficult job. Thanks for your attention!!

Stasys Povilaitis born in 1947, on 15 January, in Kaunas, and died in 2015 on October 6, in Palanga. He was Lithuanian pop song singer. It doesn‘t metter,or young or old, all people respected and loved him very much. Me too.

Stasys attended violin and oboe lessons, sang in the choir boys Kaunas Radio.

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