Stem cells

Stem cells. Stem cells (I). Stem cells (II). Stem cells (III). Stem cells in medicine (I). Stem cells in medicine (II). Stem cells in medicine (III). Baldness. Wound healing. Bone marrow stem cell transplant. Treatment of cancer with stem cells (I). Treatment of cancer with stem cells (II). References.

Stem cells are already successfully used to treat leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, malignant immunoproliferative disease and several others, and regenerative medicine is considered one viable medical fields. The most effective treatment - his own stem cells, because in this case, significantly reduces the chance of rejection.

It was found that the embryonic cells are multiplied in vitro and transplanted into the damaged tissue sites, restores tissues or organs and their functions. The use of human embryonic cells for therapeutic purposes in many countries, including Lithuania, are prohibited. However, the treatment can also be used from newborn umbilical cord stem cells isolated.

Figure 4 How works stem cell treatment of baldness.

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