Strategic management and investment decisions homework

Strategic management and investment decisions homework. The role of state in managing in global environment. What is Strategic Planning. Source of Ideas for projects.

There are many ways how the state influence the global environment, this is when countries establish new global trading alliances ( like EU ) in which happens free exchange of goods, capital and information, and condition to create a business in a foreign country have been facilitated. That’s why it is important for managers to understand the aspects of global economics and how it influence their business. Although country’s not only the invite, subsidize and help to settle into international companies or create new business partners in faraway countries but the state role in managing in the global environment can create the bunch of challenges too.

Cultural intelligence encompasses three main areas: Knowledge of culture, mindfulness, and behavioral skills;

The economic environment causes trouble to lots of foreign managers, for example, fluctuations in currency exchange rates, inflation, and diverse tax policies.

In free market economy, resources are primarily owned by the private sector;

In planned economy, all economic decision is planned by a central government.

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  • Strategic management and investment decisions homework
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