Strategic marketing situation analysis

Informative part. Marketing plan goals. Macro-environment. Swot analysis. Distribution. JSC „Autotopus“ competitors analysis of marketing actions. Price and product strategy. Marketing strategy. Conclusion. Cources.

Joint Stock Company "Autotopus - is General Motors production – OPEL Chevrolet, Nissan, Dacca, KIA car, the authorized representative of Lithuania. The company is engaged car sale, rental, performs car servicing, also selling automobile parts. JSC „Autotopus“ started its activities in 2002. opening dealers and service unit in Panevežys. The first and second year of existence, was selling OPEL DAEWOO and Sangyoung cars. In 2003 there was established body repair shop and in 2004 company installed the latest specialized equipment for Opel cars for electronic diagnosis. Considering to market of new cars growing, was decided to stop Sangyoung car sales and focus on viable and quality of Opel and Chevrolet car. During this time the experience gained by the car dealership, their service and understanding of customer needs, were the main reasons for pushing company to keep expanding the range of services and to improve the quality of work. During the 2008 the company opened a branch in Siauliai, where was started selling Opel, Chevrolet and Nissan cars and performed their service. After several months in new unit were open and the car body repair shop.

Trading in the new Opel, Nissan, KIA, DACIA, Chevrolet, Renault;

Be the most attractive, the best service making, which pleased customers, employees, and which would be useful to invest.

For our clients Autotopus is a dynamic, efficient, friendly, modern enterprise which innovative service concepts, a large car choise helps our clients easier choose best option.

To achieve business success, "Autotopus" is an integral part of the business community: we want to create and maintain good relations with our employees, customers, suppliers, business owners, government authorities, our competitors and the media.

Political-legal aspect of strategic planning. JCS Autotopus are relevant all legislation of Community commercial activities in the Republic of Lithuania laws regulating VAT, income tax, accounting framework and the other laws as well as international agreements. Legal environment has to change constantly, but this time it kept pace with technological developments in this field, as car manufacturers and their components which are more capable of adaptive cruise control (adaptive Autopilot Adaptive, Cruise Control, ACC), but Sales prevents high costs and uncertain legal environment. Currently, only 3 percent. sold new cars have adaptive cruise control. Manufacturers say that the ACC system to significantly improve road safety, but they are not sure whether such systems are legally allowed install as 1968. adoption of the Vienna Convention prohibits any automatic systems to take over from the driver of the vehicle. New car demand is falling, customers are increasingly refusing to large shopping or do not find properly service provider, who would be willing to finance. Declining sales and production have to tighten their belts around the world to vehicle manufacturers.

Economic factors. It is important to assess the macro situation in the country, to the fair distribution of JSC "Autotopus“ resources and analyze the market. After market research, companies can determine the existence of a relatively favorable strategy and so ensure their commercial viability of the activity and to create added value for the product, which will be welcomed the client and meet the user's purchasing power.

The most important factors affecting the company "Autotopus are residents and businesses purchasing power, unemployment, income levels, which determine consumer demand, product realization. These factors depend on the level of economic development.

JSC „Autotopus“ relevant income and price levels, as proposed by the company products are not basic necessities. This environment will affect the Company's performance, as rising inflation decreases purchasing power. The greatest impact on the economic environment in recent times also have inflation. They impact directly forcing residents to save money and refuse to luxury goods. European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, the new personal car registration in 2014. September fell by 3.2 per cent., in spite of the fact that in this month was two working days more. Thus, the disturbance in east has severely hit to the car manufacturers.

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