Strict discipline

Strict discipline.

Strict discipline for young people is a controversial question. Some people claim that it is necessary and beneficial while others find it harmful. In my opinion, discipline has a destructive impact on young personalities.

Firstly, strict rules supress freedom. Young people are obliged to do unpleasant things that are not even necessary. For example, students have to wear school uniforms which are uncomfortable and undoubtedly do not help to improve their academic results or behaviour. What is more, young people are taught to obey without questioning the authority. A phrase “do it because I said so” is used too often by elders when dealing with younger ones. Being treated like this, young people get an image that equality and freedom of expression do not exist.

Secondly, discipline causes stress and lowers self-esteem. Constantly following the rules and being punished for failing to do so, young people become afraid to express themselves.

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