Styles of learning

Styles of learning. Styles of learning video. Style types. Visual learners- they learn best by looking at graphics. Visual Learners See Visual learners learn best by looking at graphics. Kinesthetic Learners Touch Kinesthetic learners process information best through a “Hands-on” experience. Auditory Learners Hear. David A. The first learning style Type. Diverging-Combines learning steps of Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation. The second type. Assimilating-Combines learning steps of Reflective Observation and Abstract Conceptualization. The third type. Converging- Combines learning steps of Abstract Conceptualization and Active Experimentation. And the last one. Accommodating- Combines learning steps of Active Experimentation and Concrete Experience. Statistic of students. Key words. Effort - to do something Associate- connect one idea with another.

Effort - to do something; Associate- connect one idea with another; Conscious- when you know what you are doing and why you are doing it; Reflect- the meaning is: think carefully about something; the second meaning is:look at your self in a mirror; Describe- means to say something or someone is like by giving details about them;.

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  • Styles of learning
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