Linguistic deviation. Quasi synonymy. Quasi antonymy. Extended parallelism. Types of deviation. In medias res. Mixed addressers. Figure of speech Metaphor. Extended metaphor. The categories of metaphors. Irregular word formation. Functional conversion. Taboo subjects , taboo vocabulary , down to earth , cynical attitude. Subordinate and superordinate. Features of typical poetry. Features of realistic conversations. External deviation. Internal deviation. Phonetic schemes. Phonetic parallelism. Killing cares. Eye rhyme. Full alliteration. Loose alliteration. Distinctive pronunciation articulatory features. Place of articulation. Manner of articulation. Internal rhymes. Sound symbolism. Phonaesthetic series. Rhythm & metre. Free verse. Metrical foot. Iambic pentameter. Metrical norm.

Linguistic deviation – when some part of the text deviates from grammatical rules. Deviation produces psychological result which is known as foregrounding. When a part of a text is deviant, it becomes very noticeable, or perceptually prominent (foregrounded). Foreground, is in large part, the portions of text which do not conform our expectations. Foregrounding is thus produced as a result of deviation from linguistic (and non-linguistic) norms of various kinds. Another method of foregrounding is repetition. Repeating some word or phrase makes it stand out. Another method of producing foregrounding is parallelism, where some features are held constant (usually structural features) while others (usually lexical items) are varied. Parallelism has the power not just to foreground parts of text for us, but also to make us look for parallel or contrastive meaning links between those parallel parts. This may involve the reader in constructing new aspects of meaning for the words concerned, or in searching among the possible connotations that a word might have for the one that is most appropriate in the particular structure.

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