Summaries of 8 articles related to pedagody

Anglų konspektas. Getting Enough Sleep is No Easy Task for Today's Students. Digital Stories a 21st Century Communication Tool for the English Language Classroom. Using Online Forums in Language Learning and Education. Beyond The Gap Fill Dynamic Activities for Song in the EFL Classroom. Morning Discussion as a Communicative Activity. Hoarding Plastic Waste Buried Alive. Decision Making Factors that Influence Decision Making, Heuristics Used, and Decision Outcomes. Why are students quite? “.

Saminsky the loss of sleep may cause some serious problems like memory loss, a decline in information processing, increased irritability and anxiety, decreased socialization and humor, hypersexuality, mental fatigue, decrease in creativity, and a decline in the ability to handle complex tasks. Nevertheless, the author suggest to push forward classes on 8.00 o'clock to at least 8.30. And schools that have do that believe that there has been a real change in their students. They noted that the students miss class less, they pay more attention in class, perform better in class, and report lower levels of depression. Furthermore, students finish classes later that could mean that they have less time in between when they get out of school and when their parents get home, which can lead to less unproductive behavior.

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  • Summaries of 8 articles related to pedagody
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