Summary about skin

Anglų kalbos rašinys apie odą. The skin.

As we already know our skin is different from our race, sex and age. It reflects our way of life, general health and diet. The skin is dependent on the maturation hormone because they control a lot of our body activities and causing various effects: the skin becoming oily or blemished rice. Dependence upon age a teenager's skin is problematic throughout the period. They ripped various blackheads, angry spots and even scars-skin disorder called acne vulgaris. But at the age of twenty years skin looks best because any hormone imbalance stabilizes. Increasing maturation appears wrinkles, the skin becomes drier, braked hormone activity and the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. Eventually reaches the age of maturity on the skin can cause brown spots. Fortunately help is at hand to care for the skin: there is an ever-increasing number of skin-care products and there are the skill and expertise of the qualified beauty therapist. But if you are going to become a qualified beauty professional, you need to learn all about skin.

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