Summary of documentary about low-cost airlines

Summary of documentary. Glossary of most frequently used terms.

During the last few decades, world have changed unrecognizably. Not even the level of the lifestyle quality bounced to the top but also al technologies and services have improved very much. Nowadays, it is not enough to stay in a comfort zone or in a specific space pale where we feel that it is the place to be. We should become a part of a global world, we must open our mind for new challenges and adventures, experience and opportunities. Most people have an opportunity (and usually they avail it!) to travel around the world. The journeys these days are very specific for everybody. For example, some people have credentials (traveling for work purpose), some are going for sightseeing and the others chose normal holiday trips. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to travel: on foot, by bikecycle, car, train, ship, plane etc. more and more tourists and business men chose traveling by plane because of a high speed, comfort ability and a wide range of selections between airlines, airports and even countries they are going to fly.

Certainly, traveling by plane is a good option for everybody, unfortunately, not everytime. It is the best to book a ticket if you are planning a long distance journey. When you decide to travel by plane the hardest part is to chose the best airlines and flights for you. At the moment, different airlines offer various options for flights. Charter flights, low costs flights, free seats sales etc. there are a lot of alternatives to find. More and more people want to save their money and are choosing a low costs airlines.

Just one class (no business or first class for passengers);

One model aircrafts are used (mostly AIRBUS A320 or BOEING 737). Reason: reducing training and maintenance expenses;

Simple pricing (the fuller the aircraft, the higher price is);

Direct tickets market on the Internet, especially. No fees for travel companies or reservation systems.

On the Internet I found a list of top 10 the most cheap airlines. There were several parameters (ticket price, conditions of aircrafts, limits of flights, passengers comments etc.) to base this list. However, from statistics we can see that the cheapest airlines are not the most safe ones for sure. The last airlines (10th to 5th place): Royal Bengal Airlines (India), Air Berlin (Vokietija), LIAT (The Caribbean), WESjET (Canada), JetStar (Australia). And the first five places:

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