Supermarkets pricing discrimination

Supermarkets pricing discrimination Differences. Football pricing strategies. Similarities. Supermarkets pricing discrimination.

Competition prices - price discrimination between two different supermarkets who are selling same product for different prices. For example Haagen-Dasz ice cream price in Tesco is £4.25 where Asda sells it for £2.

Developed competition prices – where same product is being promoted for different discounts. For example Iceland promoting discounts on Tropicana juice it is 2 packs for £3 where Asda promoting discount for same juice £1 for each pack

Brand Pricing – Different supermarkets have their own brands but price of branding might differ. It depends on each store target market. For example Tesco’s own branded goods will be sold cheaper as M&S own branded goods for the reason that Marks and Spenser’s are concentrated on customers who will buy better quality products. Tesco target market is people who aiming to get cheapest price, therefore quality of the products will not be as good as M&S but it will be cheaper.

Price depending on how the product is presented – For explaining this strategy I will use Fresh salmon sold in Asda.

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