Supply Chain Management SCM

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Supply Chain Management Introduction. Outline. Traditional View Supply Chains in the Economy (1990, 1996). Traditional View Cost breakdown of a manufactured good. What can Supply Chain Management do? Magnitude of Supply Chain Management. Importance of SCM understood by some. Top 25. Supply Chains. SCM Generated Value. A picture is. Detergent supply chain. Flows in a Supply Chain. SCM in a Supply Network. Importance of Supply Chain Management. A Generic Supply Chain. Cycle View of Supply Chains. Push vs Pull System. Push/Pull View of Supply Chains. Examples of Supply Chains. Mission-Strategy-Tactics-Decisions. Life Strategy for Ted. Linking SC and Business Strategy. Strategies. Product Development. Strategies. Fitting the SC to the customer or vice versa? Achieving Strategic Fit Consistent SCM and Competitive strategies. Contributors to Implied Demand Uncertainty. Understanding the Supply Chain. Cost-Responsiveness Tradeoff. Achieving Strategic Fit Wishes vs. Capabilities. Loosing the strategic fit Webvan. Top 10 Retailers Reported in 2008 – First. Top 10 Retailers Reported in 2008 – First 5. Big retailers’ Strategy. Other Factors. Achieving Strategic Fit over a Lifecycle. Integration. Strategic Scope. Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles. Drivers of Supply Chain Performance. Inventory. Little’s law. Transportation. Facilities. Information. Characteristics of the Good Information. Quality of Information. Information Technology in a Supply Chain Legacy Systems. Information Technology in a Supply Chain ERP Systems. Information Technology in a Supply Chain Analytical Applications. Erp systems. It push. Supply Chain Software Push. See Top 100 under /articles. html. Sourcing. Pricing. Considerations for Supply Chain Drivers. Major Obstacles to Achieving Fit. Major obstacles to achieving fit. Common problems. Summary. Seven Eleven Japan (SEJ). Factual Information on Seven Eleven Japan (SEJ). More on sej. Seven Eleven - Number of Stores. Seven Eleven - Net Sales (B Yen). Sales 1,963 B Yen in. Seven Eleven - Pre tax Profit (B Yen). Seven Eleven - Inventory turnover (days). Information Strategy. Information Analysis of POS Data. Facilities Strategy. The Present and the Future. Deloitte 2008 Global Retailers Survey.

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  • Supply Chain Management SCM
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