Survey Report about Sport

Report on sports and why it is important. Figure 1 – Age of respondents. Figure - Favourite sport. Figure 3 – Participating in any type of sports. Figure 4 – Opinions that everyone should excersice. Figure 5 – The best benefit of sports. Figure 6 – The greatest sport achievement in Lithuania. Figure 7 – The most interesting event in Olympics. How old are you. What is your favourite sport. Do you play any sports. Do you think everyone should workout / exercise. What is the biggest benefit of sports. What is the biggest achievement of your country in sport area. If Olympics could have only one event what should that event be.

Moving on, the vast majority in Fig 3. confirmed that they love to participate in any type of sport, despite these numbers, still there were some people (about 27% of all respondents), who do not play any sport for special reasons.

From Fig. 3 we can see that questioniers can be divided into two almost the same groups. Although, more people believe that all of us have to workout or excersice ir free-time.

The following figure demonstrates the opinion of the biggest benefit of taking sports. As we cleary see the majority of respondents was divided into two groups of almost the same amount and they strongly reliance that good health and sexy body is the biggest advantages of sports.

Let‘s move on to Fig. 6. This pie chart represents the most memorable achievements in our country history of sports. We have many medals and trophies of basketball tournaments , so it should be obvious that questioniers believe that the biggest achievement of your country in sports area is – in 2010 Lithuanian national basketball team won bronze medals in FIBA WORLD CUP tournament beating strong opponents such as Argentina, Serbia as so on.

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