Survival anglu rašinys

Anglu rasinys apie knyga. Anglu rasinys apie knygas. Anglu ese. About myself rasinys. Anglu rasiniai apie knyga. Rasinys apie knyga anglu kalba. Rasinys apie knyga angliskai. Angliškas rašinys apie knygas. Anglu kalbejimas apie knygas. Anglu rasinys apie crises.

I will begin by saying that it was the winter of. It was. Celcius degrees below zero outside. The lakes were frozen and all men were fishing. One winter day, which was surprisingly rather warm, two friends jason and taylor decided to go fishing. When they were ready, they went to the old lake, where there were a lot of fish. Near the lake there were no people, only they. Also, they had taken a snack, drinks, to have fun afternoon. They took an ice-drilling tool, and began to go on ice to the centre of the lake. On the other hand, ignoring the fact that the day was warm, taylor began drilling the ice and jason was standing away. When he wasdrilling the ice, taylor noticed that the ice split and immediately taylor turned off the ice-drilling tool. Jason didn‘t understand what happened, just saw that his friend was in icy water and rushed to rescue him. But when he approached his friend closer, the ice began to split again. Jason felt hopeless, because he didn‘t know what to do. He called to him and said to hold and wait. He rushed towards the car.
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