Sustainable management of the company

Sustainable management of the company price water house cooper’s (pwc). About the company. A brief history of the company. Countries, number of employees, performance, etc. Basic facts: industry in which it operates, the hq location, operations in other. Recommend it? Is sustainability integrated in the company? If yes, how? If not, would you. What are the main company’s risks/opportunities regarding sustainability. Issues? What is the company’s main reputational risk? Corporate governance. Give the description of the corporate governance framework of the company:. Governance structures of pwc:. Company’s code of ethics. Company’s csr. Reporting and accountability. Environmental dimension. What is a legal framework in this respect of any of the countries in which the. Company operates? What is a reputation of the company in environmental performance? How. Would you improve it? Is the company involved in any initiative aiming to improve its environmental. Performance? If not, what would you recommend? Analyze the company’s supply chain! What sustainability requirements for. Supply chain would you recommend? Is climate change affecting the company? If yes, recommend the company’s. Adaptation strategy. Social dimension. Company operates? What is a legal framework in this respect of any of the countries in which the. Company implemented any ohs management system? If not, would you. What is the company’s track record in ohs? Any workplace accident? Has the. Recommend it? What is the company’s track record in hr management? What elements would. Be included in the code of labour practice for the company? What are your. Arguments? What is the company’s track record regarding community in which it. Operates? What would you recommend? Identify key stakeholders of the company! What kind of stakeholder. Engagement do you find the most appropriate? If the company produces consumer products, what measures would you. Recommend to improve its sustainability foot print? References:.

PwC operates in 168 countries, so it’s impossible to overview legal framework of all of them. I will shortly overview legal framework on environmental dimension in European Union.

Reputation of PwC in environmental performance is just excellent, it is one of leading companies in showing example how to deal with environmental problems. But there is always where to improve. PwC can show more initiative in trying to reduce CO2 emissions as well as encouraging recycling and lower consumption.

Suppliers of PwC are producers of office properties (stationery, furniture, computers etc.). PwC should be aware of the reputation of these companies, choose the ones which show most initiative in environmental friendly producing and follow social and labour legislation.

As I already pointed out that it is impossible to briefly overview legal framework of all the countries PwC operates in, I will again talk about EU legal framework.

European Strategy for Growth Europe 2020 Strategy, Intelligent growth, Sustainable growth, Inclusive growth

PwC is not only implementing OHS management system, but also works as a partner of OHS – it provides various analysis, researches and reports for OHS.

Track record in OHS shows no accidents in a workplace of PwC.

In HR Excellence Awards 2011 as Most People-Focused CEO in Private Sector was awarded Ian Powell, chairman and senior partner, PwC.

PwC has a Code of conduct, which covers Code of Labour Practice. This code includes company philosophy and provides all answers for ethical dilemmas which might occur for an employee. Also, company has no problems with basic ethical labour violations such as child labour etc. So, in my opinion, there is no need to include more elements in code of conduct and make it too complicated.

PwC operates all over the world, so it has records in many different communities. However, PwC is one of the leading companies as regarding to communities’ evaluation.

Key stakeholders of the company are shareholders, employees, clients and society. PwC cares about communication with it’s stakeholders by taking various initiatives:

Building relationships with alumni by hosting annual events and business sessions, and offering networking opportunities

Collaborating with NGOs and public interest groups via various events and projects, and obtaining feedback on how local organizations can be further contributed

Actively requesting client feedback during projects and upon their completion, and committing to constant dialogue to better understand their needs and how their requirements can be further supported

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