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Healthy food. The presentation will be. About fruit. Fruit. Their meaning in our body. Fruits lets you move. Of vegetable. Vegetables. What it’s help us. Food pyramid. Why do we need to follow it. Pyramid consists of. Unhealty food derment the body. Fat people. Thank hope liked.

Fruit - is an organ which a successful evolving from seed. The fruit consists of pericarp and seeds. It formed part of the in blossom of the ring - of a significant increased ovaries encompassing seeds. Plants have different arrangements in the fruit and seed breeding. Are disseminated by wind, water and animals. Mostly bright colors, tasty fruits attracts animals, and so the seed travels further.

Fruits we provides strength. Of these, we get vitamin that need our body. Fruits are needed sportive man. Using the fruit can be physically healthier. Fruits for some people caused delights. Fruit some people is a livestyle they can’t live without them.

Vegetables annuals, biennial and perennial her baceous plants, which are used for food. They are necessary for human protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts and organic acids. Vegetables very important diet. Eaten as a separate dish, as appetizers, meat and fish dishes and garnish.

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