Swedbank Payment cards

Šiauliai state college. Business and technology faculty. Project leader Jelena Korosteliova 2016, Šiauliai. Introduction. Working object- payment cards. Work objective- figure out the concept of payment cards. A credit card is convenient for everyday use. Purchase protection will help to reduce losses. Pay for your purchases on the internet or even by phone. Fixed payment card. Fixed payment card. It is enough. Classic credit card. Classic credit card. It is useful. Gold credit card. Gold credit card is a prestigious card offered for an attractive price. Platinum credit card. Platinum credit card. Debit card. With Debit MasterCard you can 1. Make online purchases – at all points accepting MasterCard. Make advance arrangements for your travels – book air tickets. You can use. With Visa Electron.

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  • Swedbank Payment cards
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