Taxes in Lithuania

Anglų skaidrės. Taxes in Lithuania. Income tax. An individual is. The taxation of various types of income. Inheritance tax. Health insurance. Land tax and state land lease tax. Value Added Tax. Immovable Property Tax. Capital Acquisition Tax. Excise duty. The excise duty. Soooo.

He or she has a habitual abode in Lithuania. His or her center of vital interests is in Lithuania. He or she is present in Lithuania continuously or with interruptions for 183 or more days in the calendar year. He or she is present in Lithuania continuously or with interruptions 280 or more days in two consecutive calendar years and is present in Lithuania continuously or with interruptions 90 or more days during one of these tax years.

If an individual who is considered a Lithuanian resident for three tax years leaves Lithuania during the fourth year, and if he or she spends less than 183 days in Lithuania during the fourth year, he or she is treated as a Lithuanian resident during the fourth year until his or her last day in Lithuania.

Employment income. Residents employed by Lithuanian companies are subject to income tax on income earned from employment in Lithuania and abroad. Self-employment and business income. The taxation of income from partnerships and private (personal) enterprises is regulated by the Law on Corporate Profit Tax. Investment income.  Exempt income.  The following amounts are excluded from taxable income: Death allowances to the spouse, children (including adopted children) and parents (including foster parents) Life insurance payments (in certain cases) The difference between annual proceeds received from the sale of property not requiring legal registration and its acquisition price, not exceeding LTL 8,000 (€2,317) Income received from the sale of movable property legally registered in Lithuania or immovable property located in Lithuania (in certain cases) Income from the sale of securities (in certain cases) Certain other income listed in the Law on Resident Income Tax.

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  • Taxes in Lithuania
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