Teaching How to Learn: Autonomous Learning

Teaching How to Learn Autonomous Learning. References.

The concept of autonomous learning cannot be called new, however it came to be really popular over the last few decades. It refers to a student‘s ability to set relevant and attainable learning goals and according to Holec (1981: 3, cited in Benson & Voller, 1997: 1) “to take charge of one’s learning.” Nonetheless, autonomous learners are reliant upon teachers to conceive and preserve learning environments which help to improve learner’s autonomy.

The idea of autonomy in learning has become well-known due to globalization and the expansion of second language education. In other words, with the rising number of immigrants the need to learn English language grew stronger but due to big number of learners it became impossible for a teacher to contribute attention and support for each student individually. Therefore, teachers initiated to encourage students’ independent learning in order to grow into responsible, active, flexible and adaptive language learners and users.

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