Technical Maintenance of Automobiles

Topic/tema(angliškai). Introduction. Technical Maintenance of Automobiles. Automobiles. Automobiles‘ pollution to our nature. Conlusion.

Technical Maintenance of Automobiles–a study programme which aim is prepare specialist that could be capable of working in various machine in a technical way, reach technological and management challenges, selecting equipment according to its functional capabilities and organizing repair works. It is very perspective speciality and nowadays employers want young and curious people in work.

What is more, nowadays cars are integral part in human life, but not everyone knows how to treat it right. Cars are like every technical innovation and have its own disadvantages. It has very difficult structures, so it is very hard to understand how it works and how to fix the limitations. Students of technical maintenance of automobiles learn more about cars, its technical and physical way.

Moreover, it is very important to understand that automobiles have its own prons and cons. Despite the fact that cars are very important convenience in every person life, but it make a huge damage in nature. The gas emissions link to global warming problem, acid rain and other very serious problems in our world.

The Technical Maintenance of Automobiles study programme develops a creative specialist who can make decisions regarding various fields of automobile operation. Students of this speciality are capable of using technical literature, standards, other documents, new technologies, programmes, communicate in foreign languages, have knowledge in law, management, marketing, environment protection, work safety and work quality.

This study programme is aimed at preparing college-educated engineers capable of working in various technical service engineering companies, of addressing the technical, technological and management challenges, of analyzing technical documentation, of evaluating technologies, of selecting equipment according to its functional capabilities, of planning, organizing and managing car maintenance and repair works.

It is very important to get great amount of practical skills, because it makes easy to get better knowledge and future‘s opportinities.

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