Technological card for wall panels

Explanatory script crane and site calculations. Main information about wall panels. Dangerous crane zone. Technology and Organization. Need of resources in construction site. Water supply. Canalization. Accommodation. Electricity. Material storage places. Technological card. Required resources. Calculation of work and expenses. Work safety requirements. Quality control. Organization of quality control. Work acceptance. References.

This technological card is designed for the assembly works of wall panels of an industrial building. The building has a height of 6.6m from the floor to the girder, outer column spacing of 6m, supporting columns are 0.4m x 0.4 m width. The panel dimensions are 3m x 6m x 0.2m. Before the installation of walls can begin, other preparatory works must be carried out such as: site preparation, laying the foundation, erection of columns. Mechanical installation works are carried out by a crawler crane – RDK 25, followed by a truck loaded with wall panels. Mounting works are carried out only by qualified workers. Employees for the job are: one crane operator, two drivers, works manager, three people in charge of installation, two people in charge of suspending the panels. They work one shift a day that lasts 8 hours. The supervisor fills the log book which contains date; time; place; materials; material quality certificates and works performed. An inspector later checks the quality of the works and marks it in the log book.

The dimensions of the building – 24.8m x 42m, load-bearing columns 0.4m x 0.4m dimensions, the height of the column 6.6m. Wall panel length 6m, 3m width, thickness 0.2m.

A crawler crane RDK-25 is used with a boom length of 12.5m Fig. 6. Wallboard mounting process starts from the 1st axis to the 8th, and continues to move around the building in a circle Fig. 5.

First, the panels that are brought into the construction site need to be checked if they meet the standards, each one of them must be marked with a special standard corresponding label. It should include the following information: the name and identification number of the client, contract number, geometric dimensions, weight, date of manufacture, quality control mark. When examining the specifications make sure that there are no damages resulting from handling or transit. If you notice any discrepancies or irregularities you must notify the construction manager.

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