Tennis. Service. Strokes. History. Graf, steffi. Tennis, a sport that is played either outdoors or indoors with rackets and balls, by two or four people, on a court of turf or of some hard, even substance such as clay, concrete, wood composition matter, or artificial turf. It is traditionally known as lawn tennis. Most major matches are now played outdoors on hard-surfaced courts. When played by two contestants, the game is known as singles, and when played by four, as doubles. A tennis match is composed of games and sets. The first player or side to win six games, provided that the opposition has won no more than four games, is said to have taken the set.

In 1988, by winning Wimbledon and the Australian, French, and US championships, Graf became the fifth person to achieve the grand slam in one calendar year. She opened 1989 with a fifth consecutive grand-slam tournament win in Australia but was stopped in her quest for a record-breaking sixth consecutive grand-slam title at the French Open. Graf went on to retain her titles at Wimbledon and the US Open. She won the Australian Open again in 1990, the French Open in 1993, three consecutive Wimbledon titles (1991-1993), and the 1993 US Open. Graf won a silver medal in women's tennis at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. In January 1994 she again won the Australian Open to become the only player to hold all four grand slam titles simultaneously on two separate occasions.

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